Born in 1971.  Christ Hospital was the name of the place.  From all accounts, I was an angry baby who wanted out, so I was, from birth, trying to leave Christ.  Nevertheless, I went to a catholic high school in the southwest suburbs of Chicago.  My senior year religious studies teacher had us read St. Thomas Aquinas and JP Sartre.  I couldn’t get my head around the bit of Being and Nothingness forced upon me, but it still made more sense than St. Tom.


From there I went to junior college and worked lots of rotten jobs, then dropped out of college promptly after relocating to the north side of Chicago. (This was 1993.  Since then, I have changed apartments 19 times.)  I got a job at the legendary Aspidistra Bookshop and began my time as autodidact and novice drinker, soon promoted to journeyman.  Current status: moderately practicing. 


The store closed and I assumed a series of cubicle gigs that reacquainted me with micromanagement.   Soon decided that the wages of an office monkey were meager, so I made the decision to go back to school and earn my BA in English from Roosevelt University (GO LAKERS!) and my MA in Creative Writing from Northwestern University (can’t recall their team’s name— Wild Boars, is it?).  And the money’s been pouring in ever since. 


I wrote some poems, stories, book reviews, blog posts, many unpublished manuscripts, and a memoir called Like a Dog that will— whaddya know!— see the light of day in the fall of 2015 courtesy of Blue Heron Book Works LLC.  You can read a sample of my published material by visiting the links page. You can look at photos and contact me as well.  Those are your options.