Episode 10: Eric Brunick (part two)

Part two of the chat with Eric Brunick. We get a bit drunk while discussing hangovers and how to get (and avoid) them, strange eating in New Orleans, Tom Waits (who we all, except for Jeff, love), Bob Dylan (who we all, except for Jeff, dislike), appreciating The Smiths in middle age, Bowie (my hero), the Mekons and how I embarrassed myself in front of them, Chicago as a great place to live if you love music and food, and other random bits.

Episode 9: Eric Brunick

Here’s the latest podcast featuring the inimitable Eric Brunick. This is two aging punk and noise music fans talking music as well as the hilarious nature of Kafka, the Twin Peaks reboot, the terrifying and beautiful music of the Swans, Melvins vs. Rolling Stones, Dead Can Dance’s fantastic Spotify station, noise music in general, Wild Turkey 101 Rye, the time I got my ass kicked at the first Lollapalooza, and Flavor Flav’s sad VH1 era, among other strong opinions. Also, Eric tries often to convert me to Katy Perry’s music, unsuccessfully.